From its first traditional glycerophtalic solutions through the highest performance modified alkyds, Lixol places your needs at the centre of its concerns.

Lixol proposes that you work directly with its Research and Development team, a specific team to meet all your needs and find the suitable solution with you while maintaining a high level of quality. The effectiveness of Lixol solutions is one of its priorities.

All the raw materials used by Lixol, as well as all the products it markets, are compliant with European REACH regulations covering the registration, evaluation and authorisation of chemical products.

Lixol, uses effective manufacturing techniques, to meet the strictest requirements. Its infrastructure allows it to develop and manufacture polymers even in small quantities. Each step in production is the subject of checks and laboratory tests.

Being close to its clients is part of Lixol’s DNA, a team is available at all times and is highly reactive, providing contact at all steps of production. Thanks to the Berkem group’s regulatory department, Lixol can register all new materials and  support you in all steps us  to the commercialisation of your product.

* Regulation (EC) n°1907/2006 of 18 December 2006.