Since its formation in 1960, LIXOL has been developing alkyd resins specially adapted to optimise the performance and value of your products. Thanks to efficient manufacturing processes, the experts in the alkyd resin market can offer solutions to the various problems encountered by professionals in the timber sector.

Alkyd resin in the timber sector

Designed for the formulation of wood protection and decoration productsalkyd resin is popular with professionals in this sector owing to its enduring flexibility and its excellent chemical and mechanical resistance once dry. One explanation for this is its unique formulation, based on a polycondensation reaction between polyhydric alcohols and dibasic acids, then modified using oil or fatty acids.

The result is a unique, high-performance product that has the advantage of being able to cope with the varying hygroscopicity of wood

In contrast to other materials, wood is a living material and hygroscopic. More specifically, water penetrates wood in any of three ways: either capillary, in liquid or vapour form through cell cavities, or by molecular diffusion through cell walls.

Water penetrates wood in any of three ways: capillary as a liquid in the cell cavities, as vapour through cell cavities and by molecular diffusion through cell walls. In order to protect or decorate interior or exterior wood in the best way possible, a product should be chosen which is both flexible and resistant, and capable of coping with the variable hygroscopicity of wood.


The various ranges of alkyd resins used in the timber sector

 Widely adopted in the timber sector, as well as in manufacturing and construction, LIXOL alkyd resins meet the needs of professionals by delivering the required quality in the formulation of wood stain, varnish, marine varnish, sealant and paint.

Alkyd resin for wood paint

Particularly recommended for the formulation of wood paint, the alkyd resins in the Lixoglyp range of alkyd resins bring many benefits:

  • fast drying ;
  • great adhesion;
  • flexibility;
  • excellent mechanical, chemical and UV resistance.

The Lixothan range is more suitable for wood paints which require a high degree of resistance. The drying time, hardness and mechanical resistance of the paint are actually improved thanks to polyurethane modification of these alkyd resins.

Alkyd resin for protecting wood

The alkyd resins of the Lixothix range are used for protecting wood. Whether the firm gel resin used in cutting, to the resin that can be used directly in paint formulation or even with a high solid extract, anyone formulating paint can find the version which suits best.

Alkyd resin for treating wood

Obtained following neutralisation with a base (particularly an amine derivative), water-based alkyd resins are ones that can be diluted with water. Given how easily it penetrates wood, the technology used for water-based alkyds is ideal for formulating wood treatment products.

Lixol supports carpentry professionals

Customer satisfaction is a key concern for Lixol. This is why the expert in alkyd resins assists professionals in this sector to find a solution perfectly adapted to their challenges.

Thanks to how wide the range of available products extends, professionals are sure to find the best balance of formulations for any type of application.

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