LIXOL, an expert in the alkyd resins market, develops solutions adapted to the requirements of glycerophthalic paint manufacturers. And although the long service life and flexibility of this product are what give it all its performance and efficacy, this is especially to satisfy professionals in the construction sector.

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Alkyd resin in the construction sector

Obtained through a polycondensation reaction between polyalcohols and dibasic acids, alkyd resin is subsequently modified using oil or fatty acids. Used as a binder in paint and/or varnish, these high performance products have the advantage of lending their substrates a smooth, aesthetic appearance as well as excellent resistance to humidity.

Widely adopted in the construction sector, as well as in the timber sector and manufacturingalkyd resin has many benefits:

  • enduring flexibility;
  • high impact and weather resistance;
  • easy application, for excellent results, guaranteed streak-free.
  • low toxicity, thanks to higher renewables content and absence of biocides. These solutions are consequently more environmentally friendly.

Alkyd resin can be applied to most substrates – with the exception of concrete and cement – and can be used both indoors and out.


Why use alkyd resin in construction?

Once alkyd resin is dissolved with a thinner (usually white spirit), it can be used in the construction industry as a binder for paint, varnish or stain, and even as a grinding binder.

Alkyd resin for painting

Long considered the modern descendant of oil paint, alkyd paint is now considered one of the best standard products on the market.

This alkyd resin -based lacquer is suitable for both interior and exterior use and adheres well to all mineral substrates. By sealing the substrate with just one layer, it can be used as a paint or barrier primer, in renovation, for instance.

Besides its adhesion qualities, alkyd paint is also known for its resistance to the elements and to light. This makes it represent an ideal base for wood. In this particular instance, it is used mostly outdoors and on door and window frames.

Alkyd resin for varnish and stain

Thanks to its excellent properties, alkyd resin can also be used as a binder for the formulation of varnishes and stains. Whether indoors or out, these solutions can be applied as primer, intermediate layers or top coats.

Depending on its composition, it can even have excellent UV resistance and low VOC content.


Lixol supports construction professionals

Depending on the needs and type of project, Lixol assists professionals in this sector in the choice of alkyd resins in order to find a solution which will address the issues perfectly.

Discover the Lixothan range of resins among our products, used for paints and stains in pastel tones or shades of white. The Lixoglyp range offers a wide choice of oil content: from high solids to high oil content, for matt or glossy paints.

To find out more, please contact our team of experts, who will be happy to assist!