Specialists in the production of alkyd resins for over 60 years, LIXOL supplies a wide range of products, specially formulated to deliver high levels of physical, chemical and environmental protection.

Although, these days, alkyd resin is particularly sought after by professionals in the construction and timber sectors, the manufacturing sector is not being neglected. Indeed, thanks to optimising our processes and updating our equipment, we have been able to expand our range by 30% and offer solutions meeting the requirements of professional manufacturing.

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Alkyd resin in manufacturing

Used as a binder in paints and varnish, alkyd resin – also known as glycerophthalic resin – imparts a smooth appearance highly sought after by professionals in the manufacturing sector. But aesthetic appeal is not the only benefit of alkyd resin:

  • owing to its high content of renewable material and the absence of biocides, the composition of alkyd resin is considered more environmentally friendly and less toxic;
  • easy to apply, the paint is made from alkyd resin and gives an even coat without streaks;
  • Compatible with most materials, alkyd resin represents the best compromise between durability and flexibility. As such, it can be used as a binder for primer as well as for touch-up and top coats.


Manufacturing sector: which ranges of alkyd resins are used?

For more than 6 decades, LIXOL has devoted a large part of its research and development to the formulation of alkyd resins specifically adapted to the technical requirements of industrial paint.

The broad scope of the ranges offers a host of options when formulating industrial paints.

Lixoglyp, for touch-up and top coats

Thanks to outstanding technical performance, classic alkyd resins from the Lixoglyp range are used by professionals in this sector as a binder for touch-up and top coats, for car bodies and agricultural machinery.

Besides being fast-drying, this range of alkyd resins offers excellent mechanical, chemical and UV resistance on a variety of surfaces.

Lixaqua, for industrial top coats

Water-based alkyds from the Lixaqua range are obtained following neutralisation with a base, in particular an amine derivative.

Lixothan, for formulating primer paint

The polyurethane modification of the alkyd resins in the Lixothan range improves the paint’s drying time and mechanical resistance. This makes it ideal for use in the formulation of primers with gloss or satin finishes.

Lixothix, alkyds used in cutting

The thixotropic alkyds in the Lixothix range are used mainly in manufacturing, cut with medium and long oil alkyds.

Lixopox, for primers and anti-corrosion finishes

Professionals in the manufacturing sector use epoxy esters for primers and anti-corrosion finishes. This gives them excellent chemical resistance and superior strength.


Lixol supports professional manufacturing

Knowing our customers well has always been part of LIXOL’s DNA. The alkyd resins expert is always ready to listen to the needs of manufacturing professionals, to enable them to develop polymers meeting their own requirements.

Thus, each product in the LIXOL catalogue is a response to the search for performance in markets as technical as manufacturing.